Established more than 40 years ago, the Williamstown Camera Club includes residents of Williamstown, Newport, Altona, Laverton, Footscray and adjacent suburbs. There are 22 meetings per year in which members can develop their photographic skills, socialise with others interested in photography and to engage in friendly competition with the aim of becoming better photographers.

The Club meets on the second and fourth Tuesdays of each month at 7:45pm at
Walker Close Community Centre,
180 Millers Road,
Altona North.

See the calendar for meeting dates.

Come along and join us!

I wish more people felt that photography was an adventure the same as life itself and felt that their individual feelings are worth expressing. To me, that makes photography more exciting.

Harry Callahan
  • <p>Sleeping Beauty - 1st Place - Open - Digital <small>© Dee Palma</small></p>
  • <p>Howling Gale - Highly Commended - Open - Digital <small>© Neil Anderson</small></p>
  • <p>Rock With Scottie - Highly Commended - Open - Digital</p>
  • <p>Into The Light - 1st Place - Open - Print <small>© Brett Ferguson</small></p>
  • <p>Beauty Of Light - 2nd Place - Open - Digital <small>© Brett Ferguson</small></p>
  • <p>Ice Hockey Conga Line - 3rd Place - Open - Digital <small>© Phil Taylor</small></p>
  • <p>On Our Way - 3rd Place - Paper Bag Challenge - Digital <small>© Trevor Davis</small></p>
  • <p>Don't Let Go - 1st Place - Paper Bag Challenge - Digital <small>© Arvin Coloma</small></p>
  • <p>Pink Explosion - 2nd Place - Paper Bag Challenge - Digital <small>© Phil Taylor</small></p>
  • <p>Popped - 2nd Place - Paper Bag Challenge - Print <small>© Cathy Buchanan</small></p>
  • <p>Pop - 3rd Place - Paper Bag Challenge - Print <small>© Lisa Sandy</small></p>
  • <p>You Had Me At Log In - 1st Place - Paper Bag Challenge - Print <small>© Arvin Coloma</small></p>
  • <p>Just Chilling - 1st Place - Novice - Digital <small>© Darren Malthouse</small></p>
  • <p>Fishing Halong Bay - 3rd Place - Open - Print <small>© Andrea Sparks</small></p>
  • <p>Balloon Play Cambodian Style - Highly Commended - Paper Bag Challenge - Print <small>© Andrea Sparks</small></p>
  • <p>True Love - 2nd Place - Open - Print <small>© Dee Palma</small></p>


Another night of great entries and creativity.  Our thanks to judge David Rendle.

Digital: Open

1st - Chasing My Shadow - Phil Taylor

2nd - Wheel Bubbles - Nola Kelsey

3rd - Dark Sky - Cathy Buchanan

HC - Neil - Arvin Coloma

HC - Sally - Andrea Sparks

HC - Feathered 747 - Ronald Clarke

Print: Open

1st - The Apple Peeler - Brett Ferguson

2nd - The Daily Commute - Cathy Buchanan

3rd - Two Of A Kind - Ronald Clarke

HC - Stare Me Down - Arvin Coloma

HC - What’s Up? - Lisa Leone

Digital: Night/Low Light Photography

1st - Light In Winter - Karen Malbon

2nd - Phone Booth - Arvin Coloma

3rd - Willy At Night - Derek Warren

HC - Anyone Out There? - Brett Ferguson

HC - Whizzing Wheel - Nola Kelsey

Print: Night/Low Light Photography

1st - Steel Wool On Fire - Leeanne Laidlaw

2nd - Westgate Moon - Brett Ferguson

3rd - BP On Geelong Ring Road - Lisa Leone

HC - Fireworks Finale - Neil Anderson

Print: Novice

1st - Midnight At The Apostles - Paula O’Shea


Wednesday Web Whip 17 Sep 2014

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Meet the robots at the National Gallery Victoria

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Other bits and pieces

New Canon PowerShot G7X

New Nikon-D750

Learning aperture with oranges






Wednesday-Thursday web whip around


Click here to enter into the 46th Ballarat National Exhibition     ballaratcameraclub.org.au

Or have a try at Yea Photograhy Competition  www.bit.ly/yeaphoto

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Westside Autorama Car and Bike Show

Melbourne Zombie Shuffle

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Paper Bag Challenge July 2014

Another night of great entries and great imagination. Many balloons were hurt in the making of this competition. Our thanks to judge David Burren for his comments and critiques and also for calibrating our projector.

Digital Open

1st - Sleeping Beauty - Dee Palma

2nd -Beauty of light - Brett Ferguson

3rd - Ice hockey conga line - Phil Taylor

HC - Howling Gale - Neil Anderson

HC - Rock with Scottie

Print Open

1st - Into the light - Brett Ferguson

2nd - True love - Dee Palma

3rd - Fishing Halong Bay - Andrea Sparks

Digital Paper Bag Challenge

1st - Don't let go  - Arvin Coloma

2nd - Pink explosion - Phil Taylor

3rd - On our way - Trevor Davis

Print Paper Bag Challenge

1st - You had me at log in - Arvin Coloma

2nd - Popped - Cathy Buchanan

3rd - Pop - Lisa Sandy

HC - Balloon play Cambodian Style

Novice Digital

1st - Just Chillin - Darren Malthouse


Photo Opportunity at the Ice Rink

Well may we call this outing an opportunity to take ‘good’ pics, but trying to capture images of a keeping standard proved to be quite a challenge!   Taking shots indoors under artificial (and relatively low level) light, through a scratched plastic screen, onto a white reflective surface, of fast moving ice hockey players moving in erratic, unpredictable directions from up to 60m away was something new to me.  This was compounded by a total ignorance of any rules regarding the sport which, in turn, removed the ability to anticipate any upcoming strategies or moves by the players.  

Well, after a bit of trial and error, I sorted out the technical bits on the camera that enabled me to potentially capture the players (ISO 2000, F2.8, 1/1250th sec, 70-200mm lens, AI servo mode, high speed continuous mode).  However framing good shots was still a problem.

So I decided to ‘think dirty’ - I tried to figure out which was the the weaker goalie and then position myself at their end on the assumption that sooner or later the opposition would give them a hard time.  And, within reason, it worked and the poor goalies got a pounding!  I don’t know how there are not more injuries, despite all the padding the players wear.  Those goalies must have double jointed knees! And I’m not too sure about having equal opportunity for both sexes as the girls sure gave the guys a hard time in the hoppo bumpbo stakes!

My personal track record was an unenviable 770 shots taken over a 3+ hour session, mostly taken in continuous shooting mode, for a return of nominally 1% of keepers! Probably one of my worst returns ever!!!  I think I will have to go back again and use my new found knowledge to advantage and try to improve.

Thanks to Cathy and the committee for organising the day out, lots of fun, good company (a nominal attendance of 15-20 members) and some more photography lessons learned.



Presentation: Panoramas: Taking and Stitching

David Male and Geoff Barton will walk us through the process of taking and stitching panoramic images. Geoff will show us his work with the Gigapan robot.

Walker Close Community Centre
23rd September 2014 7:45 pm
Photo Shoot: St Pauls Beach

A visit to St Pauls Beach for a photo shoot, full details to be advised closer to the date. This is for late afternoon, sunset shoot.

Originally set for the 25th October this event has been rescheduled to make way for the Bright weekend that was moved due to conflict with school holidays and major sporting events.

St Pauls Beach
28th September 2014 3:00 pm

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