Williamstown Camera Club Logo

Established in 1965, the Williamstown Camera Club brings together residents of Williamstown, Newport, Altona, Laverton, Footscray, and adjacent suburbs. There are 22 meetings per year in which members can develop their photographic skills, socialise with others interested in photography, and engage in friendly competition with the aim of becoming better photographers.

The Club meets on the second and fourth Tuesdays of each month at 7:30pm at
Walker Close Community Centre
180 Millers Road 
Altona North, Vic, 3025

See the calendar for meeting dates.

Come along and join us!

If you see something that moves you, and then snap it, you keep a moment.

Linda McCartney
  • <p>1st - A Grade: Set Print - Bolt Platoon Ready for Inspection Sir <small>© Ian Gofton</small></p>
  • <p>2nd - A Grade: Set Print - Ying Yang Cup Saucer <small>© Wade Buchan</small></p>
  • <p>1st - B Grade: Set Print - Banksia <small>© Gayle Tout</small></p>
  • <p>2nd - B Grade: Set Print - Stands Bags Beads <small>© Tony Buttigieg</small></p>
  • <p>3rd - B Grade: Set Print - Ready to Celebrate <small>© Graham Rogers</small></p>
  • <p>1st - A Grade: Open Print - Winning <small>© Phil Taylor</small></p>
  • <p>2nd - A Grade: Open Print - Material Flow <small>© Wade Buchan</small></p>
  • <p>1st - B Grade: Open Print - Au Garde-a-vous <small>© Tracey Noonan</small></p>
  • <p>2nd - B Grade: Open Print - Birds Eye View <small>© Cas Bukor</small></p>
  • <p>3rd - B Grade: Open Print - Angkor Thom Gate <small>© Carol Gurney</small></p>
  • <p>1st - A Grade: Set Digital - Paint Set <small>© Brett Ferguson</small></p>
  • <p>2nd - A Grade: Set Digital - Waiting for Clothes to Dry <small>© Wade Buchan</small></p>
  • <p>3rd - A Grade: Set Digital - Sharing the Leftovers <small>© Ian Street</small></p>
  • <p>HC - A Grade: Set Digital - Distilled Life <small>© Kathryn Hocking</small></p>
  • <p>HC - A Grade: Set Digital - Garlic <small>© Monique Whear</small></p>
  • <p>1st - B Grade: Set Digital - Early Morning Spring Cleaning <small>© Joseph Meilak</small></p>
  • <p>2nd - B Grade: Set Digital - ig-KNIGHT-ed <small>© Tracey Noonan</small></p>
  • <p>3rd - B Grade: Set Digital - Coconut & Berries <small>© Alan Coram</small></p>
  • <p>HC - B Grade: Set Digital - A Cluter of Tomatoes <small>© Michael Costa</small></p>
  • <p>HC - B Grade: Set Digital - At the End of the Day <small>© Phil Faulkner</small></p>
  • <p>HC - B Grade: Set Digital - Me Time <small>© Deborah Peart</small></p>
  • <p>HC - B Grade: Set Digital - Hamburger with the Lot + Chips (Yum) <small>© Darryl Martin</small></p>
  • <p>HC - B Grade: Set Digital - Memories <small>© Deb McDonald</small></p>
  • <p>HC - B Grade: Set Digital - The Perfect Choice <small>© Graham Rogers</small></p>
  • <p>1st - A Grade: Open Digital - Magnetism <small>© Brett Ferguson</small></p>
  • <p>2nd - A Grade: Open Digital - Kicking Whilst Tackled <small>© Wade Buchan</small></p>
  • <p>3rd - A Grade: Open Digital - Reflections on the Ahuriri <small>© Allan Williams</small></p>
  • <p>HC - A Grade: Open Digital - Antique Car <small>© Neil Anderson</small></p>
  • <p>1st - B Grade: Open Digital - You Look Delicious <small>© Joseph Meilak</small></p>
  • <p>2nd - B Grade: Open Digital - Summer Nights <small>© Cas Bukor</small></p>
  • <p>3rd - B Grade: Open Digital - Desk Top Companion <small>© John Kantar</small></p>
  • <p>HC - B Grade: Open Digital - Jummy Pears <small>© Grace Sobania</small></p>
  • <p>HC - B Grade: Open Digital - Egret at Williamstown <small>© Matthew Peart</small></p>
  • <p>HC - B Grade: Open Digital - A Ghost in Our Apartment <small>© Darryl Martin</small></p>
  • <p>HC - B Grade: Open Digital - Dave Hole <small>© Wendy Rowe</small></p>
  • <p>HC - B Grade: Open Digital - Perth Cityscape <small>© Tracey Noonan</small></p>


Autumn Colours Bright Weekend Away

The weekend of 10-12 May saw 20 Members and family head to Bright.  Although the Club has been to Bright before (not in my time) there is certainly plenty to see and photograph.  

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Trentham Spudfest 2024

On May 4th, members of the Williamstown Camera Club attended the vibrant Trentham Spudfest in Trentham, Victoria. This unique festival celebrates the region's rich potato farming heritage with a plethora of activities, and the photographers were there to capture every memorable moment.

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Competition 1 Photo Review

The photo reviews are back for 2024

Something we started during COVID times when the judge had left us after a judging, photo reviews are us jumping through the competition entries as a club and discussing the images and the judges comments about them.

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Meeting: Light Painting

Meet us at our usual place, Altona Beach for a night of light painting. A regular much-loved evening out of the club rooms.

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Cnr Millers Road and the Esplanade
28th May 2024 7:30 pm
Photo Shoot: Show Jumping

Test your ability to capture horse and rider as they take on the Melbourne 3 Day International Event at Werribee Park National Equestrian Centre. Full details advised closer to the date.

Note this is the Monarch's Birthday Public Holiday Monday.

Werribee Park National Equestrian Centre
10th June 2024 10:00 am

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