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Established in 1965, the Williamstown Camera Club brings together residents of Williamstown, Newport, Altona, Laverton, Footscray, and adjacent suburbs. There are 22 meetings per year in which members can develop their photographic skills, socialise with others interested in photography, and engage in friendly competition with the aim of becoming better photographers.

The Club meets on the second and fourth Tuesdays of each month at 7:45pm at
Brooklyn Community Hall
2 Cypress Avenue

See the calendar for meeting dates.

Come along and join us!

You don't take a photograph, you make it.

Ansel Adams (1902 – 1984)
American landscape photographer
  • <p>1st - A Grade: Set Print - Nicole <small>© Arvin Coloma</small></p>
  • <p>2nd - A Grade: Set Print - Michael <small>© Jennifer Empey</small></p>
  • <p>3rd - A Grade: Set Print - DAD <small>© Helen Beardsley</small></p>
  • <p>1st - A Grade: Set Digital <small>© Gilvertt Concepcion</small></p>
  • <p>2nd - A Grade: Set Digital - Family <small>© Kathryn Hocking</small></p>
  • <p>3rd - A Grade: Set Digital - Just Married <small>© Cathy Buchanan</small></p>
  • <p>HC - A Grade: Set Digital - YOGA Master <small>© Tahir Rafique</small></p>
  • <p>HC - A Grade: Set Digital - Shanali <small>© Helen Beardsley</small></p>
  • <p>1st - A Grade: Open Print - A Watchful Falcon <small>© Ronald Clarke</small></p>
  • <p>2nd - A Grade: Open Print - Dog Rocks <small>© Jennifer Empey</small></p>
  • <p>3rd - A Grade: Open Print - Late Afternoon Olinda <small>© Neil Anderson</small></p>
  • <p>HC - A Grade: Open Print - Stance <small>© Arvin Coloma</small></p>
  • <p>1st - A Grade: Open Digital - Spring is Here <small>© Kathryn Hocking</small></p>
  • <p>2nd - A Grade: Open Digital - Superb Fairywren <small>© Ronald Clarke</small></p>
  • <p>3rd - A Grade: Open Digital - Wild Flowers <small>© Tahir Rafique</small></p>
  • <p>HC - A Grade: Open Digital - Chanelling <small>© Arvin Coloma</small></p>
  • <p>HC - A Grade: Open Digital - Yellow Rock Road <small>© Jennifer Empey</small></p>
  • <p>1st - B Grade: Set Print - Lost in Thoughts <small>© Viet Tran</small></p>
  • <p>2nd - B Grade: Set Print - Happy Expectations <small>© Debbie Raimondo</small></p>
  • <p>3rd - B Grade: Set Print - David <small>© Kathleen Moyses</small></p>
  • <p>HC - B Grade: Set Print - Gayle <small>© Robert Moyses</small></p>
  • <p>1st - B Grade: Set Digital - Looking Ahead <small>© Tania Chalmers</small></p>
  • <p>2nd - B Grade: Set Digital - I'll Be There Soon <small>© Leo Loque</small></p>
  • <p>3rd - B Grade: Set Digital - Sad Old Lady <small>© Kathleen Moyses</small></p>
  • <p>HC - B Grade: Set Digital - I knew a nice bloke once <small>© Cathrine Stevenson</small></p>
  • <p>HC - B Grade: Set Digital - Ice Queen <small>© Grace Sobina</small></p>
  • <p>1st - B Grade: Open Print - On My Last Legs <small>© Viet Tran</small></p>
  • <p>2nd - B Grade: Open Print - Venetian Fan <small>© Debbie Raimondo</small></p>
  • <p>3rd - B Grade: Open Print - Nothing on TV Again <small>© Carl Rainer</small></p>
  • <p>HC - B Grade: Open Print - Vandalised <small>© Colin Lofts</small></p>
  • <p>1st - B Grade: Open Digital - Bolte & Docklands <small>© Phillip Donaldson</small></p>
  • <p>2nd - B Grade: Open Digital - Open Determination <small>© Stephen Zammit</small></p>
  • <p>3rd - B Grade: Open Digital - Blowing Off Steam <small>© Robyn Bartlett</small></p>
  • <p>HC - B Grade: Open Digital - Man in the Middle <small>© Darren Malthouse</small></p>
  • <p>HC - B Grade: Open Digital - In the Picture <small>© Mario Xerri</small></p>


First Meeting of 2019

This is our first ‘official’ meeting of the year, where we will welcome in the new year with a Sausage Sizzle, a la Graeme. (Thank you Graeme for providing the BBQ.)

We will be socialising, renewing and developing new friendships, and welcoming new members.  All you need to bring is something to drink.  We will have the usual tea and coffee available. 

Please note the slightly earlier start time.  Anyone wishing to arrive even earlier (from around 6.30pm) is more than welcome … To assist with the setting-up … of course!

Our three 2018 EOY winners will be giving us a “How I Did It” presentation later in the evening  -  sharing with us how they made their winning images.  And …  another reminder ... entries are due for our first competition “Monochrome”.


End of Year Results

The end of year results for 2018 are in, congrats to the winners.

Aggregate Winners

Our aggregate scores are determined by number of entries and places earned, each affording the entrant points towards their end of year aggregate score.

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Tom Putt's Aerial Photography

If you didn't make it to the club last night to view Tom Putt's presentation you really missed out. We've had Tom present at our club numerous times over the years and we've been fortunate enough to watch his progression through different genres of photography. His current passion of Aerial Abstract Landscape Photography is something he really excels at, especially for someone who is scared of heights.

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Presentation: CCD @ Our Club

A look at how your camera actually works and some basic maintenance you should perform on your camera and lenses.

Entries do for VAPS Interclub.

Brooklyn Community Hall
26th February 2019 7:45 pm
Photo Shoot: City Photowalk

A great opportunity to capture images for our Architecture competition (due March 26). A city photowalk is a wonderful way to see how other members capture their images, to socialise and to learn from one another.

The path of our walk will be announced closer to the date.

3rd March 2019 2:30 pm

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