Membership of the Williamstown Camera Club is open to all. Membership fees are typically paid annually in July. Concessions are available for students, family memberships and pensioners and discount rates available for part year memberships. Once you have joined the Club you will be able to compete in all Club competitions. The Club's current membership fees are:

  • Individual $60.00
  • Family $90.00
  • Pensioner Concession $40.00
  • Student $40.00

If after attending a few Club meetings you feel like joining us then simply ask the Treasurer for a membership form. Membership fees can be paid to the Club Treasurer by cash, internet banking (see below) or cheque made out to the "Williamstown Camera Club Inc."


For most items, including membership, we now accept payment via direct deposit into the club's bank account. Details are as follows.

Bank Details
Account name: Williamstown Camera Club Inc
BSB: 633000
Account number: 106379860

Senders box: to be completed with your name

Reference box: please use your surname (best fit, if it is long) plus your specific competition number - most banks allow maximum of 18 characters. (e.g. young3). Shorten your surname if necessary - but always use competition number. If you are a new member use the letters "new" after your surname - e.g Smithnew.

These details show on the WCC bank statement and are the only way we can identify who inward transfers are from. If you are paying WCC, we will be expecting these funds and will know the reason.

Please double check the BSB and account number before hitting the "send" button.


Meeting: The Exposure Triangle and other basics

We've all been taking photos for years; but do we do it by feel, fluke or fiddling rather than technical know-how?

Part presentation, part practical, we'll be taking a step back and looking at the basics of photography. Getting to know the way our cameras think will help us make more keepers.

Bring along your camera gear, including your manual, and we'll get some learning done.

Brooklyn Community Hall
11th July 2017 7:45 pm
Meeting: Judging: Environmental Portraits (oh and our AGM)

This meeting will kick off with our AGM, a most important part of the life of our club, we usually get it out of the way in about 5 minutes before moving on.

Our guest judge will provide feedback and awards for our fourth competition of the year: Environmental Portraits

Supper night: Bring along a plate to share at break time.

Brooklyn Community Hall
25th July 2017 7:45 pm

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