Werribee Mansion Photo Shoot

Werribee Mansion © Joseph Meilak

Friends of Werribee Park/Costume Program ensured WCC members had a wonderful day at Werribee Mansion on Saturday 12 May. The professionalism of the members of the Costume Program that dressed in “1870” costumes and their interaction with our members was great.

Some WCC members arrived well before the advertised starting time, and took advantage of Werribee Mansion gardens and architecture features of the Mansion, coming away with an array of great photos. 

Six members of the Friends of Werribee Park/Costume Program were dressed in period costumes by 11:30 am and starting modelling for our members within the Mansion and outside areas adjacent to the Mansion. Our visit was treated as a special by the Costume Program members with Leslie (President of Friends of Werribee Park) who dressed as a lady, Deb (Secretary) who dressed as a Parlour Maid, Stacey (lady), Patty (lady), Mark Anderson (back suit and top hat) and Peter. We were very lucky to have six members of the Costume Program participating and modelling for us. They were great models and their interaction with our members was special. Their poses and the atmosphere added by the Mansion features and furniture, and the skill of our members resulted in some memorable images.

Feedback from members was very positive. Typical feedback was a "great day", "superb", "excellent", and members asked if we could do it again. WCC members that I spoke to thought the entry fee to Werribee Mansion was very reasonable considering our access to most areas of the Mansion and ability to photograph the models within the Mansion and some areas outside.

Our members completed the day with plenty of photos of the models and Werribee Mansion.

Also, the Costume Program is looking for new members. Any WCC members whof would like to participate as a volunteer in this program would be welcomed.

Please note: Parks Victoria do not allow any images taken inside the Mansion to be offered for sale. Parks Victoria asked me to convey that requirement to WCC members when we met on Saturday morning.

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Presentation: Fine Art and Aerial Landscapes with Tom Putt

Tom is always a welcome visitor to our club. His unique presentations are a joy and inspiration. On this night, Tom will be sharing his art and new-found love of Aerial Landscapes. You can find out more about Tom on his website.

Entires due for the End of Year Competition.

Brooklyn Community Hall
23rd October 2018 7:45 pm
Workshop: Paper Bag Challenge

Always a fun-filled night, our annual Paper Bag Challenge is on again. What will be in the paper bags this year?

At this meeting, members work in groups to make images, on the night, featuring the item/s in the paper bags they are given. No one knows what will be in the bags being given to the groups. It's always exciting to see each of the groups working to make something wonderful to present for peer judging by the end of the night.

Brooklyn Community Hall
13th November 2018 7:45 pm

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