Yarra Valley

14th October, 2018 – 10:00 am to 2:00 pm
Yarra Valley
Photo Shoot

First place to meet up in Lilydale at 10am at the  Gracious Grace CafĂ©, then do a round trip to Healesville (for lunch), visiting points of interest in between, and partaking an optional short roundtrip train ride on a restored Walker Railmotor RM22 - Healesville/TarraWarra/Healesville. 

There are plenty of local cafes in the local towns, (not quite so at the wineries), and there is a picnic area at the local park in Healesville if anyone wishes to take a picnic lunch.

To assist with the planning, and especially for the RailMotor, please indicate if you will be attending.

Download the full itinerary and map.

Contacts for the day:

Francoise Muller-Robbie - 0417 215 401
Nola Kelsey - 0417 374 198


Presentation: Fine Art and Aerial Landscapes with Tom Putt

Tom is always a welcome visitor to our club. His unique presentations are a joy and inspiration. On this night, Tom will be sharing his art and new-found love of Aerial Landscapes. You can find out more about Tom on his website.

Entires due for the End of Year Competition.

Brooklyn Community Hall
23rd October 2018 7:45 pm
Workshop: Paper Bag Challenge

Always a fun-filled night, our annual Paper Bag Challenge is on again. What will be in the paper bags this year?

At this meeting, members work in groups to make images, on the night, featuring the item/s in the paper bags they are given. No one knows what will be in the bags being given to the groups. It's always exciting to see each of the groups working to make something wonderful to present for peer judging by the end of the night.

Brooklyn Community Hall
13th November 2018 7:45 pm

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